2018 JURY
"However you choose to convey your message, and whichever media you work with, remember that branding should always bring joy - at the end of the day, it's all entertainment." - Philippe Meunier, Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder, SID LEE, Montreal

"We live in a world where advertising has become something to avoid, and yet people are spending more time on screens than ever. The fight for attention and memory now is so much more than just a competition against other ads. The advertising industry doesn’t simply need to learn from its cousins in the entertainment industry, it needs to become one with it. Branded messaging should be entertaining at its core – what better way to connect with your consumers and grow affinity for your brand than to use your marketing dollars to entertain the public?" - Arthur Tsang, Chief Creative Officer, BBH, China 

“With the fragmented media landscape and the endless possibilities and confusion it has thrown up, never has the focus on the ‘Big Creative Idea’ been more important than now. I look forward to celebrating the Creative gems that truly cut through and touch the human emotions at The A-List Hollywood Awards” - Ajab Samrai, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Japan 

"The best advertising has always been is entertaining. But what is exciting about right now is you can put advertising and entertainment  into a blender and turn the blade speed way up. What I love about The A-List Hollywood Awards is that they are right in the middle of that mix." - Bobby Pawar, MD, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Worldwide, South Asia

"In my experience as both a creative director and film director, I can only assure you that advertising and entertainment are truly complementary; married forever in all their ragged, demanding, disciplined, hilarious, humbling, sometimes-awful, always-entertaining glory. Those two deserve each other." - Michael Aimette, EVP - Global Executive Creative Director, BBDO, New York

“Great advertising is about good storytelling. Good storytelling entertains and is effective. The A-List celebrates the brilliance of such endeavours.”  - Rosalynn Tay, CEO - Dentsu Aegis Network, Singapore 

“The closer you can get to the people you want consuming your content, the greater your odds of creating something that they not only want to consume, but even share and talk about with other people. This is the intersection between advertising and entertainment.”- Eva Santos, Global Chief Creative Officer, Proximity Worldwide, Barcelona

Nick Law, Global Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe, New York 
Ralf Heuel, Chief Creative Officer/Partner, Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
Denise Rossetto, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO, Toronto  
Miguel Bemfica, Chief Creative Officer, MRM McCann, Madrid
Julien Chiapolini, Executive Creative Director, McCann, Paris
Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, London 
Eric Springer, Chief Creative Officer, INNOCEAN USA 

2017 JURY
“As someone who’s always tried to do a little writing, directing and film making on the side, it’s great to see an award show that breaks down the walls and brings it all together with advertising and marketing.   There’s never been more creative possibilities."  ~ Ned Crowley | Chief Creative Officer |  mcgarrybowen | Chicago

"Creativity’s focus today needs to be on earning genuine interest & emotions, through whatever format – now is a great time to reward the fusion of big ideas, craft, and story telling."  ~ David Gompel | Chief Operating Officer | Publicis Communications | China

We should definitely celebrate when advertising acts more like Hollywood, and we should morn when it goes the other way around.  ~ Chris Beresford-Hill | Executive Creative Director, EVP | BBDO | New York 

"Today’s brands communications in advertising its all about entertaining your audiences, The A-List Award spot on the needs and celebrate the best in moving image advertising."  ~ Norman Tan | Chief Creative Officer | J. Walter Thompson | Shanghai

"There are only a few awards genuinely stand up to its name. A-List is a true A-List when a client and creative community considers it as one."  ~ Pops KV Sridhar | Founder & Chief Creative Officer | Hyper Collective | Mumbai

"Good to see a show set up to celebrate how what we do really has to truly connect, and even drive culture." ~ Nils Andersson | President & Chief Creative Officer | TBWA\China

"The line between entertainment and advertising has never been more blurred. It’s exciting to be judging work that recognizes that trend. Kudos to the A-List awards for being one of the award shows that truly gets it."  ~ Philip Khosid | Partner & Chief Creative Officer | Battery | Los Angeles

"Advertising inhabits the same channels as entertainment, out of respect for our combined audiences it should be held to the same standards. The A-List Awards is uniquely positioned to recognize the work and teams that live up to the bar set by Hollywood. ~ Sam Bergen | Executive Creative Director | VICE Media | Los Angeles 

“Our ability to reach consumers on new platforms and with new formats continues to evolve rapidly. The intersection of advertising and entertainment has never been more relevant for us to break through the clutter.  The A-List celebrates the agencies and campaigns that are doing so in the most exceptional manner.” ~ Greg Castronuovo | President | OMD West | Los Angeles 

“Storytelling is still the most effective way to convince people. See the switch on all digital platforms, where video contact is ruling now a days. That’s why we all need to embrace the power of storytelling.”  ~ Ivo Roefs | Co-CEO | DDB & Tribal Worldwide | Amsterdam

I can’t think of a better place for an awards show that honors the most entertaining and effective advertising campaigns than in Hollywood.  Our advertising community has an appetite for great storytelling that’s entertaining, which is oftentimes so elusive but when it comes together is truly inspired. The A-List’s identity is rooted in what makes advertising special.  ~ Brian Latt | Executive Producer / Partner |  m ss ng p eces | Los Angeles
Mike Harris | Managing Partner/Global Chief Strategy Officer | 180LA | Los Angeles
Helen Pak | Chief Creative Officer | Grey Canada
Alan Madill | Chief Creative Officer | Juniper Park\TBWA | Toronto
Andrew Christou | Chief Creative Officer | Publicis | Seattle
Michael Lemme | Chief Creative Officer & Partner | Duncan Channon | San Francisco
Greg Buri | Creative Director | David&Goliath | Los Angeles 
Josh DiMarcantonio | Partner/Executive Creative Director | Zambezi | Los Angeles
Rosie Arnold | Creative Partner & Head of Art | AMVBBDO | London

 2016 JURY
"The whole notion of creativity and what role it plays not only in advertising but in society at large is changing with every new advance in technology and with each new generation that interacts with it.
The A-List celebrates the evolution of creative thought and expression in a way that other shows do not." 
Greg Smith | Chief Creative Officer | The VIA Agency | Portland, ME

“I love the focus of this show, its powerful, unique and future facing. The faster brands can be in entertainment the better. “ 
Pete Favat | Chief Creative Officer | Deutsch | North America | Los Angeles

"When entertainment and advertising are truly indistinguishable, we are seeing the greatest successes. The A-List Hollywood Awards celebrate just how possible it is to be relevant, watchable and still sell a product."   
Xanthe Wells | Chief Creative Officer | Pitch | Los Angeles

"People now own the choice of which communications they let into their world. Much of the work that thrives no longer resembles what we could traditionally categorise as advertising or entertainment, the lines have blurred. It’s great to have an award show to recognise this work.” 
Brigid Alkema | Executive Creative Director | Clemenger BBDO | Wellington

"It’s been decades since consumers have payed for a cinema ticket in order to enjoy awarded advertising. About time for an award show to remind that one thing will never change: The universal need to get released from boredom."
Christian Mommertz | Chief Creative Officer | TBWA\ Germany

"Advertising and entertainment can generate the most colorful flowers. The A-List lets us roll around in them like hungry bees celebrating the most inspiring pollen in the industry."  
Andrea Stillacci | President & Founder | Herezie | Paris  

2015 JURY
Joe Alexander | Chief Creative Officer | The Martin Agency | Richmond
"There are way too many award shows and way too many without a clear purpose. The A-List is the rare exception, It rewards the brands - and agencies - that are behaving in the most creative and engaging ways.  Now that's refreshing."

Donny Makower | President | RED Interactive Agency | Santa Monica 
"I am continually impressed by the growing pool of talent, creativity and technical excellence that surfaces in our industry. So many agencies and ideas are entered into the A-List Hollywood Awards and I’m looking forward to celebrating those who are able to innovate and drive change in today’s ever-evolving landscape. This should be a very exciting year." 

Matt Eastwood | Worldwide Chief Creative Officer | JWT | New York
"The best brands understand their role is not just to sell, but to entertain and engage. The more we can do to encourage a wider understanding of this the better it will be for the entire industry. So, I’m thrilled to be able to help select the best demonstrations of this understanding at the A-List Hollywood Awards."

Eric Schoeffler | Chief Creative Officer | DDB Group Germany 
"Our industry has always been about telling great stories. With all what‘s going on today, we shouldn’t be scared. We can now make use of all the new fantastic opportunities to tell our best stories in a deeper, more compelling or more engaging way. Could there be a better place to celebrate great storytelling than the hometown of entertainment?“

Mark Cibort | President, Digital | Trailer Park | Hollywood
"In our business, great stories connect brands to their fans, giving them an experience they want and when done effectively, actively seek. I’m glad that the A-List Hollywood Awards celebrates our industry’s commitment to great storytelling in the most appropriate place – the heart of the entertainment."

Andreas Ullenius | ECD / Senior Partner | Akestam Holst | Stockholm 
"I’m jealous about all advertising that people seem to actually choose to watch, use or in other ways engage with. I’m also very inspired by it, and I’m looking forward to help The A-List, award brands and agencies that have succeed in doing this." 

Rob Feakins | Chief Creative Officer/President | Publicis Kaplan Thaler | New York 
"Quite simply brands today have to be entertaining. Consumers want them and expect them to be unexpected, surprising, inspirational or funny. And the competition is fierce: they’re in social feeds and up against your friends, Upworthy and Mashable. I’m looking forward to seeing which brands make content that you can’t resist." 

Warren Brown | Creative Founder | BMF | Sydney  
"All brands today face the daunting challenge of being seen, heard and loved. Daunting because everyone is raising the bar creatively, and it's not just those employed to do so, anyone with a phone has the ability to intrigue, entertain and inform. We're awash with content and how a brand can be 'sticky'  and find relevance in this world requires some extraordinary insights and creativity. That's why I'm looking forward to the A-List Hollywood Awards." 

Pierre Lipton | Chief Creative Officer | 360i | New York
 “The A-List celebrates advertising’s highest call: to create stories across platforms that are measured not just against other advertising, but against all forms of entertainment. And to become a part of culture in order to have a deep and lasting effect on brands."

Tom Eslinger | Worldwide Digital Creative Director | Saatchi & Saatchi | New York   
 "The A-List Awards makes advertising and the people that create it work very hard to earn these awards – the  criteria, categories and requirements make this show unique and I’m looking forward to being inspired and humbled by collisions of advertising, entertainment and "holy sh*t!” ideas."

Mark Tutssel | Global Chief Creative Officer | Leo Burnett | Chicago

Luiz Sanches | Chief Executive Officer & Partner | AlmapBBDO | Sao Paulo

Joaquin Molla | Co-Founder & Creative Director | the community | Miami

Mike Geiger | President, Chief Integration Officer | JWT North America | New York

Erik Vervroegen | International Creative Director | Publicis Worldwide | Paris

Guido Heffels | Chief Creative Officer | HEIMAT | Berlin 

David Rolfe | Director of Integrated Production | BBDO | New York  

2014 JURY
     "While many of the great advertising award shows have embraced the brand work being done at the intersection of marketing and entertainment, the A-List Hollywood Awards were born to celebrate this work.” 
    Chair - Jae Goodman | Co-CCO & Co-Head of CAA Marketing | Creative Artists Agency | Los Angeles

     "In advertising and marketing, one thing has stayed the same for decades: telling entertaining stories is what it’s about. But today the possibilities and channels are endless. The A-List Hollywood Award therefore is a perfect fit for our times."
    Stefan Kolle | Founder & Chief Creative Officer | Kolle Rebbe | Hamburg 

     “Awards shows have two purposes: to reward the remarkable, but even more importantly to show the way forward for our industry. So I'm hoping that we not only get to award some great pieces, but also select a body of work that inspires agencies and clients alike with the possibilities that branded entertainment brings.”
    John Mescall | Executive Creative Director | McCann | Melbourne
    "Today, we are only limited by our imagination, but our imagination knows no boundaries. This show provokes and celebrates just that." 
    Tham Khai Meng | Worldwide Chief Creative Officer | Ogilvy & Mather | New York 

    "It says A-List. It says Hollywood. It says awards. All I have to do is decide what I'm going to wear." 
    Gerry Moira | Chairman & Director of Creativity | Havas Worldwide | London

    "We're not in the information age, we're in the entertainment age. Brands that get that will win.” 
    William Gelner | CCO & Managing Partner | 180LA | Los Angeles

    "The A-List Hollywood Awards sit at today’s critical intersection of entertainment and commerce. Bringing those two worlds together with class is an art form. I’m excited to celebrate the best." 
    Jay Benjamin | Chief Creative Officer | Leo Burnett | New York
    “It's about time branded entertainment- one of the fastest-growing marketing practices - got the creative recognition it deserves.” 
    Rob Donnell | Founder & President | Brand Arc | Los Angeles

     "I'm honored to be on the jury for the 2014 A-List Hollywood Awards! I can't wait to celebrate the best of the best in advertising and entertainment."
    Mark J. Marraccini | Head of Development | Kids at Play | Los Angeles
    There are so many great creative pieces being done that bring advertising, marketing and entertainment together. Wonderful thought that leads to some truly remarkable, entertaining work. The A-List Hollywood Awards allows us to take a step back and celebrate this great work around us, and give accolades to those who have inspired us all to be better creative artists.
    Brien Holman | ECD / Partner | Royale | Los Angeles
    "The best marketing content doesn't interrupt consumers. Rather, it becomes that which they're most interested in. The marriage of advertising and entertainment is the very embodiment of that principle." 
    Greg Braun | Executive Creative Director | Innocean | Huntington Beach

     "Our industry already dabbed with entertainment way back in the day, somewhere along the way it lost that focus.  Now we have plenty of reasons to celebrate this resurgence, and I really look forward to being part of an award show that has entertainment at it's core. "
    Jaime Mandelbaum | Chief Creative Officer | Y&R | Prague

     "The A-List Hollywood Awards stand out as a unique way to celebrate the brands that have learned how to entertain us."
    Neil Robinson | Founding Partner | Zeus Jones | San Francisco

     "We should be striving for the day all advertising is considered valuable because it's entertaining. Any show that keeps us on that course is bloody exciting indeed. Count me in."
    Paul Nagy | Executive Creative Director | Clemenger BBDO | Sydney

     "There is branded entertainment and there are brands that entertain, I'll be looking for the latter." 
    Pelle Sjoenell | Executive Creative Director | BBH | Los Angeles 

      “Thanks to YouTube and SNSs, nowadays there are no borders between advertising and entertainment. The A-List Hollywood Awards reflect the times we live in. Can’t wait to see what is purely fun!”
    Masako Okamura | Creative Director | Dentsu | Tokyo

     "Finally advertisers start to realise that content is king. The A-List Hollywood Awards will will make them also realise that great content is entertainment."
    Willem Van Den Hoof | Founder & CCO | Make Lemonade | Brussels

    "We used to say Branded Entertainment is the future of advertising. It's actually the present. The A-List Hollywood Awards is what every International ad show should be doing: celebrating brands who have demonstrated the ability to entertain and engage their consumers; and, as a result, totally reinvent their brand with its consumers."
    Fred Levron | ECD/CD Digital & Branded Content | Ogilvy & Mather | Paris

    "Folks don't wanna be sold to, they want to be entertained. No matter what screen they view it on, the stuff they choose to spend time with has to be good, and only the most entertaining stuff will win. The A-List Hollywood Awards will be a great chance to see who is doing it best."
    Conway Williamson | CCO | Erwin Penland | New York  

    2013 JURY
    Olivier Altmann | Publicis Worldwide |Paris

    Filip Nilsson | Forsman & Bodenfors | Gothenburg

    Stéphane Xiberras | BETC | Paris

    Pete Favat | Arnold Worldwide | Boston

    Till Diestel | Serviceplan Group | Hamburg

    Paul Banham | FP7 | Dubai

    Jayanta Jenkins | TBWA\Chiat\Day | Los Angeles

    Yuya Furukawa | Dentsu | Tokyo

    Matt Murphy | 72andSunny | Los Angeles

    Roopak Saluja | Bang Bang Films | Mumbai

    Matt Ian | Deutsch | Los Angeles

    Ralf Heuel | Grabarz & Partner | Hamburg

    Damien Eley | Mistress | Los Angeles

    Martin Drust | thjnk ag berlin | Düsseldorf Hamburg

    José Azanza Arias | Wunderman | Buenos Aires

    2012 JURY
    Ted Royer | Droga5  | New York

    Philip Andrew | Clemenger BBDO | New Zealand

    Steve Clay |  Grey Group | Asia-Pacific

    Daniel Comar | OgilvyAction | Asia-Pacific 

    CK Tan | Ogilvy & Mather | Malaysia

    Josh Rose | Weber Shandwick | Los Angeles

    Cedric Devitt | LBi | New York

    Pancho Gonzalez | Inbrax | Chile

    Sompat Trisadikun | Leo Burnett Group | Thailand

    The A-List Awards
    THE 2019 JURY
    Per Pedersen,
    Grey, New York

    Madonna Badger
    Badger & Winters, New York

    Bianca Guimaraes
    BBDO, New York

    Spencer Dodd
    Sweetshop, London

    Ronnie Caltabiano 
    Area 23, New York

    Tyler Hampton 
    Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco

    Tanya LeSieur 
    MTZHF, San Francisco 

    Federico García 
    Huge, New York

    Tyler DeAngelo
    StrawberryFrog, New York

     Patrícia Weiss
    AASA.BR Sao Paulo 

    Pedro Burneiko 
    Alma BBDO, Sao Paulo

    Max Schoengen
    Serviceplan, Hamburg 

    Fabian Königer
    thjnk, Hamburg 

    Felix Fenz 
    Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg

     Awoo Lai
    BBDO/Proximity Shanghai