2018 JURY
“At the end of the day, people just want to be inspired.  That’s what I look for in the work and what the A-List culture is supporting across all platforms worldwide.  Good work is remembered and celebrated, no matter what the medium.”  - Lisa Tauscher, MD / Executive Producer, Partizan, Los Angeles 

"Advertising and marketing is being seduced by technology and innovation with endless possibilities and channels. But one thing will always be universal: authentic, emotional and human stories are what resonates and connects people. The A-List Hollywood Award couldn’t sit at a more perfect intersection for our times.”  - Laura Thoel, Managing Director, The Sweet Shop, Los Angeles

"Entertainment is to amuse the audiences, advertising is to sell the products; now they're becoming one thing. It actually gives us a great opportunity of creativity, lets us convince our clients to accept brilliant ideas or stories to sell the products." - Murphy Chou, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, Taiwan 

“There is way too much bad content in advertising in the world. The A-List celebrates the clients and agencies that creates creative and engaging ideas that people love to see and love to share. The kind of stuff we need more of, and the stuff that really shows what good content and advertising can do for brands" - Mikael Jørgensen, CEO, &Co. Copenhagen

Pelle Nilsson, CEO / Founder,  B-Reel, Los Angeles
Jonathan Beggs, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, South Africa
Timo Mitsuaki Otsuki, Executive Producer, Cutters, Tokyo
Jesper Holst, Senior Creative Partner, Akestam Holst, Stockholm
Fady Salame, Executive Producer / Partner, UNIT+SOFA, Prague
Ricky Vior, Executive Creative Director, Creative VP , The Community, Miami
Mike McGee, Global Chief Creative Officer, Framestore, London 

2017 JURY
“Having worked extensively in both film and advertising, I appreciate that The A-List Awards recognize the creativity and entertainment aspects of advertising as much as they recognize technical execution. The best advertising is not only visually beautiful but also tells an engaging story—something unique that speaks to savvy, creative audiences.” ~ Rob Hodgson | Creative Director | MPC | Los Angeles 

"The intersection between advertising and entertainment has been the basis of the media world from the beginning of television. Some talk the talk, this show will celebrate those who walk the walk."  
~  Dan Levinson | President | Moxie Pictures | New York 

"For years, the perceived connection between brands and entertainment was confined to product placement that was anything but creative. To have an award show that celebrates the creativity that’s a result of the evolution and advancement made in the marriage of art and commerce is much needed and perfectly embodied by the A-List Hollywood Awards.”  ~ Ali Brown | Vice President / Executive Producer | PRETTYBIRD | Los Angeles

"Our story-telling creative business moves in many ways, and to be part of an award show that focuses on the intersection between advertising and entertainment across all platforms, is A-Lists stamp for being what it is, a global celebration of what really matters in advertisings future."   ~ Alex Mehedff | Managing Partner | Hungry Man | Brazil 
Laura Gregory | CEO / Founder | Great Guns | London
David Olsson | Founding Partner / CEO | ACNE | Stockholm
Davud Karbassioun | Chief Production Officer | BBH | London
Ned Crowley | U.S. Chief Creative Officer |  mcgarrybowen | Chicago 
 2016 JURY
Damien Eley | Founding Partner | Mistress | Los Angeles

Eugene Cheong | Regional Creative Director | Ogilvy & Mather | Asia Pacific

Lucio Rufo | Group Creative Director, Head of Design | R/GA | London

Julien Subit | Co-Founder & CEO | Bold+Beyond | Paris

"Awards shows are duty bound to award great ideas. The A-List Hollywood Awards does that and more, it awards creativity and brave execution."
Laura Gregory | CEO / Founder | Great Guns | London 

“The more recognition great work receives, the more those commissioning it will understand the value of strong, original ideas, well executed.  Thanks A-List Hollywood for helping to increase the profile of the best work in the world. We can only hope it leads to more.”
Derek Sewell | Partner / Executive Producer | Holiday Films | Toronto

"The more we acknowledge great craftsmanship, the harder it is to ignore its importance"
Robert Galluzzo | Executive Producer / Founder | Finch | Sydney 

"To be recognized by such an outstanding organization such as the the A-List Hollywood Awards is truly a great achievement." 
Damon Meena | Executive Producer/Partner | Transistor Studios | New York 

2014 JURY
Laura Gregory | CEO / Founder | Great Guns | London 

Sheila Stepanek | CEO / Executive Producer | Partizan US

Nell Jordan | Senior Executive Producer | Stink | London

Robert Galluzzo | Executive Producer / Founder | Finch | Sydney 

Phillip Detchmendy | Executive Producer | RSA Films | Los Angeles

Jeff Baron | Senior Executive Producer | Anonymous Content | Los Angeles

Michael Ritchie | Managing Director & EP | Revolver/Will O'Rourke | Sydney 

Derek Sewell | Partner / Executive Producer | Holiday Films | Toronto

Eric Stern | Senior Executive Producer | Anonymous Content | Los Angeles

Chris O'Reilly | Co-Founder | Nexus Productions | London

Josianne Côté | Executive Producer | Cutters | Los Angeles

Damon Meena | Executive Producer / Partner | Transistor Studios | New York 

Michelle Eskin | Managing Director | Cut + Run LA

Lizie Gower | Managing Director | Academy Films | London

Shannon Lords | Managing Director / EP | Warpaint | Los Angeles

2013 JURY
Nils Leonard | Grey London | London

Katie Keith | Rattling Stick | London

Ali Brown | PrettyBird | Los Angeles

Gina Zapata | Wondros | Los Angeles

Jesper Palsson | ACNE | Los Angeles

Paul Prince | The Sweet Shop | Auckland

Georges Bermann | Partizan | Paris

Pelle Nilsson | B-Reel | Los Angeles

Tom Dunlap | 72andSunny | Los Angeles

Arrow Kruse | RSA Films | Los Angeles

Jacqui Wilkinson | Smuggler | Los Angeles

Juan Pablo Taylor | Landia | Los Angeles

Eurydice Gysel | CZAR | Brussels

Simon Cooper | Academy Films | London

Thanitsaphong Sasinmanop (Dom) | Matching Studios | Bangkok

Ralph Laucella | O Positive | New York

2012 JURY
Chia Tucker | Gorgeous | London

Jason Harris | Mekanism | San Francisco

Ralph Laucella | O Positive Films | New York

Tom Dunlap | RSALos Angeles

 Cole Webley | Uber Content | Hollywood

 Aaron Duffy | 1stAveMachine | New York

 Tom Gibson | Film Construction | Sydney

Georgie MacEchern | Stink | London

Danielle Peretz | Anonymous Content | Los Angeles

Kalle Hellzen | ACNE | Los Angeles


The A-List Awards
Per Pedersen,
Grey, New York

Madonna Badger
Badger & Winters, New York

Bianca Guimaraes
BBDO, New York

Spencer Dodd
Sweetshop, London

Ronnie Caltabiano 
Area 23, New York

Tyler Hampton 
Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco

Tanya LeSieur 
MTZHF, San Francisco 

Federico García 
Huge, New York

Tyler DeAngelo
StrawberryFrog, New York

 Patrícia Weiss
AASA.BR Sao Paulo 

Pedro Burneiko 
Alma BBDO, Sao Paulo

Max Schoengen
Serviceplan, Hamburg 

Fabian Königer
thjnk, Hamburg 

Felix Fenz 
Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg

 Awoo Lai
BBDO/Proximity Shanghai